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My well-loved Surly Pacer frameset is for sale.  Frame is in good shape; paint reflects my belief that a bike that looks well-used rather than pristine is a much less appealing target for thieves.  Of course, if you feel differently, $125 at Heritage Bicycle will get you a brand new paint job in what....

Details on frameset here:

Happy to sell this for $50 to someone willing to pay cash and pick it up at my home near the western trailhead of the 606.  $75 if you want me to deliver it to you within Chicago city limits.

Add $10 to the above prices if you prefer to pay with PayPal.

Shoot me questions via Chainlink PM.

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I'd prefer to sell this to someone here, but if I haven't gotten any interest by Monday it is headed to Craigslist.

still gots?

comes with stem? (missing a piece?)


I'll take it tomorrow the 24th if you still have it? Meet you on the 606 too.

PMed you Bruce.  Yours if you want it.

I will take it.  I am in Rockton, IL but I will be in Chicago area during 1st week in July.  I know its a long shot, but if you still have it.  I can meet you.  Thanks, Jordan

Jordan, if I don't get a response from Bruce within 24 hours it is yours to claim and I'll send you a PM to discuss meeting up when you're in town.  Regardless, thank you for your interest.

This has been sold and is no longer available.  Thanks, Chainlink.

And thanks to whichever mod updated the title of this post to reflect current status of item.  Very much appreciated.

It's a reflex ;-) Happy Friday and congrats on selling the bike. 


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