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Hi all! I'm new on here!! 

I am planning a 200 mile (nearly 200, I'm rounding up!) ride to Grand Rapids, MI in early October and raising money for Girls on the run (If you want to donate

My question for the forum is:

The ride from the end of the Lake Shore Trail through Indiana is my only real concern. I've heard and read scary tales of not so great neighborhoods and sketchy roads--any advice? I'm planning on DRIVING part of it this weekend to get a feel for what I'm up against. 

Any and all advice welcome! I know it can be done and wanted to reach out to the veterans!


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You are amazing! Thank yoU SO SO much for all this advice. I'm planning on leaving SUPER early September 30th. Thinking like 430am early. I want to get to St. Joe before dark and be able to rest up for the remaining 90 miles the next day. I'm not fast, but would love the company if anyone wants to join. 

That last link is not 'public' so I can't view it. But when the day gets closer I will be printing and reviewing all of this advice. THANK YOU!

Sorry.  Here is a better link.  I forget about the privacy settings at times.  

It's been a number of years, but on a trip around Lake Michigan I went through Indiana mostly on off-road paved trails.  The log of the first day of the trip:

Basically - three trails connected by city streets: The Erie-Lackawanna Trail, the Oak-Savanna Trail, and the Prarie-Duneland Trail. There were connected by on-street routes.  You can keep going on the Calumet Trail, which was gravel, but good gravel, when I made this trip.


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