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Hi folks, I’ve got a vintage specialized. I’d rather not see it go to the junk heap because I LOVED this bike for much of my race riding. Salsa stem. 

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I have a couple of similar bikes that I could part with.  One is a tig welded Specialized from around 1990.  It has XT and is pretty much original, and nice.  Also have a couple of Nishikis and a well used but solid Trek 930.

I might be interested in one of these.  I've been kicking around the idea of finding a good candidate for a SS mountain bike setup.  Do any of those frames have horizontal dropouts?

Pretty sure the Specialized does and the Trek does not.  Need to check the others.  Here's a Specialized that's close to the same year.

Seems that horizontal dropouts were already getting scarce by 1990.  Checked the Nishiki and a Yokota of the same vintage - both have vertical dropouts.  I've yet to check the Specialized but it's the least likely frame I would sell for single speed conversion, as it's so original and nice.  Will keep my eye out for something.

Thanks for your interest. The bike is sold now.

Hi Sharon!  Wondering if you'll get a notification about this post and reply.  I did not hear from you and apparently Ernesto did not either.  If you still have the bike I'd be very interested in it.

The story on this bike is that I rode it for a couple of years until the frame broke. At the time I sent it back to specialized and rather than fix it, they sent me a BRAND NEW FRAME. I was surprised and delighted and didn't ride it nearly as hard after that because I got a different bike to ride. Very fun ride and it taught me how to ride a hardtail properly. 



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