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When I go on longer rides I use a seat wedge, and while I pack what I think I need, I always end up feeling like I'm bringing too much stuff. Here's my packing list. What about you on your longer rides - how do you carry your stuff (seatpost bag, shirt pockets...)? Anything you think I can ditch? Anything I'm forgetting?

lip balm
tire levers
patch kit
clif bar
mini pump
mini medical kit - actually came in handy one time after a crash

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Almost all of the above (no medical kit or lip balm, however...not a bad idea!), PLUS a water bottle and a spare tube.

And I try to score a banana or two if I'm really sweating my a$$ off.

P.S. once I was heading south by North Beach, and was flagged down by a woman who asked me "do you have a pump?" Which soon turned into "do you have a tube?" Which morphed into "Can you change this for me?" Long story short, I fixed her up, but depleted my emergency stash! I just hope a earned a wee bit of bike Karma by helping out, though. ;)
Here's my general list- since I do a lot of solo long distance stuff, my bag tends to have more in it...

2 Tubes
Patch Kit
CO2 Inflator + 2 cartridges
Tire Levers
15mm Wrench (wheels are bolt on)
Tire Boot
Spare Folding Tire
Masterlink/Powerlink for Chain
Clif Bar/Blocks
Powdered Gatorade

Right now I carry most of this in a seat bag, and extra stuff in a backpack. I have a Carradice Barley seatbag on order though so I can ditch the backpack on longer rides (btw- in terms of longer rides, I'm thinking like 75-up.)

In jersey pockets:
1 (patched) tube, 2 levers, food (fig newtons are the new cliff bar), 3rd H2O bottle, ID, insurance card, debit card.

On bike: frame pump, 2 H2O bottles.
So of course, Saturday night on the Perimeter Ride I had a flat. It was dark and I didn't have a tube for my 650 wheels and no one else did either. Luckily we were able to find and patch the hole, but I learned my lesson: scrap the patch kit, add a couple of 650 tubes.
I basically bring the same stuff on all rides I go on. I almost always have my pannier with me and in a side pocket I always keept a spare tube, levers, multitool, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, mini-pump, and patch kit.

In the inside of my bag I keep a map, a small notepad (thought the pen seems to go missing more times than not), and some baby wipes.

In another top compartment i keep my wallet, phone, keys, and lipbalm.

On my bike, I have my lock, a presta adapter and water.

I think I'm gonna add a frame pump, a second water bottle holder and I'm also gonna start carrying sunscreen all the time.




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